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It's now more important than ever to keep your staff, clients, and visitors safe. With a a Temperature-Checking Tablet Bundle, you can help protect your workplace from unwanted illness, right at the door. Featuring a medical grade temperature sensor, multiple display sizes and mounting options, the Mimo can be quickly implemented anywhere in your office. Enjoy greater peace of mind as you enhance your health and safety measures today!   

  • Includes touchscreen, mounting option, and 1-year CMS subscription
  • Five screen sizes ranging from 7” to 32”
  • Incorporates a high precision temperature-checking sensor
  • Available in wall mount, table kiosk or stand/cart options
  • Hands-free operation
  • Content Management System (CMS) is user friendly and easily customizable
  • Supports mobile device management, reporting, SMS & email alerts

The TAURI Temperature Check Tablet provides an extra layer of illness protection at your workplace. This high-accuracy temperature checking device offers one second, no contact scanning. Perfect at any entrance as the first barrier in wellness protection, the TAURI is offered in multiple sizes and mounting options to fit any location. Keep your staff, client, and visitors safe!

  • Temperature detection with +/- 0.5F accuracy
  • 180 degree reversible camera
  • Connects to WIFI or Ethernet
  • Facial detection available
  • Optional email alerts for photo and thermal results